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Matt Rogers Plumbing has been providing residential and commercial plumbing services in Kalamazoo, MI and surrounding areas for over 28 years. Our extensive experience allows us to fix any issue, no matter the size or severity. When we say we've seen it all, we mean it. Our knowledgeable plumbers are well-equipped to provide a reliable and affordable solution to any problem that you're faced with.

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When searching for a local plumber in the Kalamazoo, MI area, consider partnering with Matt Rogers Plumbing. Our team works with state-of-the-art plumbing equipment to restore comfort and safety to your home or office.

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Do you want to upgrade your home with a water softener or water filtration system? Do you want to replace your old and malfunctioning water heater? Look no further than us for local plumbing services.

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Is your sink or shower barely draining at all anymore? Is there a foul odor coming from your tub or toilet? If you suspect that a drain is clogged, turn to Matt Rogers Plumbing for fast drain cleaning services in Kalamazoo, MI. We work with flex shaft drain cables to eliminate deep clogs caused by roots, debris and dirt.

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